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Finding Capital

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  • Successful track record in matching capital with investment opportunities
  • Diverse, nationwide network of capital providers
  • Can service both debt and equity capital requirements for private investment projects
  • Challenging investment scenarios are welcomed

Every company and many projects need capital to grow. Whether its debt or equity, access to capital is essential to the success of existing business, start-ups, and future projects. The Venture North Group has extensive experience in finding capital, both domestically and internationally. Drawing on our extensive experience and wide range of contacts, we can help identify the best financing strategy and the source of capital needed. Whether it is private equity, venture capital, non-traditional financing sources or strategic investors, our goal is to find the most appropriate capital with the best terms, at the lowest cost.

We have access to a broad spectrum of financing alternatives, including:

  • Commercial Banks
  • Direct Lenders
  • Private Equity Firms
  • Venture Firms
  • Angel Investors
  • Strategic Investors
  • Mezzanine Debt
  • Family Offices

Our areas of focus include:

  • Infrastructure
  • Energy
  • Oil and Gas
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation
  • Construction
  • Commercial Services
  • Hospitality

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