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Baxter Senior Living

Funding for assisted living facility

Clients Goals & History

JR Wilcox, the founder of Baxter Senior Living, approached Venture North Group in 2017 with the concept of building a $28 million premium-quality assisted living community in Anchorage.  JR had site control, had retained a knowledgeable industry consultant, and possessed excellent market research, however needed both equity and lending to make the dream a reality.

ClientBaxter Senior Living

Our Solution

Venture North Group found the required $6.1 million in equity financing from local investors, the majority of that within three months of signing with JR.  This included $1.8 million from VNG’s sister investment fund, Anchorage Equity Partners.  We continued to assist the project as needed in securing its debt financing.


The 116-bed project opened its doors in October of 2019 to rave reviews.  VNG is proud to have helped make this entrepreneur’s dream come true, and in the process created a large number of permanent jobs, while enhancing the quality of life for many Alaska seniors.