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5 Top ‘T’ Traits of Entrepreneurs Who Build Strong Companies that Thrive

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Traits of Entrepreneurs

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to build a strong company, it is imperative you work on your character. While entrepreneurs with questionable character sometimes make a media splash and attract investor funding, their character often leads to their downfall. Entrepreneurs who investors admire and believe in, tend to build companies investors are willing to fund on a repeated basis. Even if you never look for investor funding, the quality of your character will help attract customers, recruit talent, and make vendors/suppliers want to work with you. To become an entrepreneur who builds a company of substance, be sure to work on the following five ‘t’ traits if you want to succeed.


If you want to build a company that thrives, you must be tenacious in your dedication to customer acquisition, customer satisfaction, and product development. Entrepreneurs who have laser focus when it comes to growth in these three key areas tend to build companies able to withstand cyclical sales slumps.


Tireless doesn’t mean you never take a break from growing your company and work 24/7. Tireless entrepreneurs are the ones who pursue growth and business excellence on an ongoing basis. If you are tireless in your pursuit of brand development and market growth, your company will grow strong when others falter.


Entrepreneurs who are thorough don’t get surprised by market changes or product missteps. An entrepreneur who is thorough in their approach to business investigates every component of their product/service offering, pays attention to market trends, and monitors customer satisfaction as if the life of their company depended on their thoroughness (it does!). If you want to succeed as an entrepreneur, it is crucial you adopt an attitude of thoroughness when it comes to your business.


Entrepreneurs who succeed aren’t afraid to be tested. They know tough times and challenges make them stronger as a business builder. Whether it is angel investors testing your knowledge of your startup or customers questioning the products your small business offers, if you are willing to be tested and learn from the experience, it will make you a stronger entrepreneur.


If you are a trustworthy entrepreneur, your chances of building a strong company that survives over the long haul increase dramatically. Trustworthy entrepreneurs are favored by investors and employees alike. Business partners will be happy to collaborate with you and customers will welcome the opportunity to do business with you. If you give off even the slightest hint of dishonesty or display unscrupulous behavior, you will be lessening your chances of long-term business growth.

Make it your mission to integrate these five traits into your daily life and your chances of building a strong company increase. Not only will you become a better entrepreneur, but you will likely build a company of substance too.

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